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A series of projects and activities have been included on this page to help you measure and study different features of the weather in your local area.   A selection of games have also been created to make learning about weather and climate even more fun.  New ones will be added to this page from time to time, so make sure you come back regularly to check!

Use the links below to access the various games and activities.  For convenience, they have been divided into the same sections as the material in the Weather Features part of the site.  In addition, a 'general' category has been included for projects and experiments that relate to weather and climate in general.


Keep a daily record

What is Weather?


Make a barometer

Weather Forecasting


Rebuild a weather map puzzle


What Powers the Weather?



Cloud tile slider





Precipitation paragraph game





Spin an Anemometer

Tornado in a bottle


The Changing Climate



Acid rain test

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